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Ormond Energy Innovations Inc.

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our service - expertise

Engineering & Technology Domain

  • Subsea field development and system engineering
  • Subsea Electrical and Optical connection system, Submarine cable systems, Subsea Control systems and interfaces, Subsea boosting applications
  • Umbilical system design, riser umbilical analysis engineering and, delivery oversight
  • Machine design, complex mechanical system design for engineering applications across various industries

Project Management

  • Lean and result oriented productive project management  (schedule, budget and all commercial matters including supplier and sub-supplier management)
  • Scope definition thru delivery execution and handover
  • Program management
  • Medium to large scale CAPEX projects

Our Service - Offerings


Engineering & Consulting

Measurement & Data Analysis

Measurement & Data Analysis

Design - FEA - Report


Measurement & Data Analysis

Measurement & Data Analysis

Measurement & Data Analysis

Test - Troubleshoot - Report


Technology Development

Measurement & Data Analysis

Technology Development

R&D - Manufacture - License

Engineering & Consulting



Our engineering services encompass offerings for spectrum of projects ranging from short term/ smaller scope engineering analysis to complete turnkey or EPC (Engineer-Procure-Construct) project. As part of project bidding/ business development stage, we can work with you to define scope, write joint proposal prior to project award. 

Please visit "Our Projects" page to see an example of typical EPC project we executed.


Our consulting services typically involve embedding of our staff within a client organization for a set contract duration with set goals/ staff augmentation needs. We can work with client procurement and supply chain team and their management to draw up flexible contract terms to suit project objective and budget.

Please take a look at our expertise at the top of this page for your project consulting needs. Do not hesitate to give us a call for any specific project needs that are not covered in our website.

Measurement & Analysis



Test equipment and measurement services for FAT, Product testing, Troubleshooting etc.,


As part of measurement services, we provide services involving data mining, analysis, troubleshoot, and reporting

Technology Development



We study the industry and market trends carefully, information available in public domain, to learn about high impact problems and use our expertise and resources to offer innovative technology solutions. Objective is to produce meaningful Intellectual Property of commercial and technical value for licensing or sale to industry and potential client/customer business. Please visit FiberSafe™ page to know more about a new technology platform we developed to make subsea fiber optic communication hardware inherently reliable and robust yet CAPEX friendly and affordable.

We can also offer technology development process consulting and project/program management services to support client in-house technology development goals.


Either as part of our Technology service to your project or as a stand alone service we can provide support in developing your technology in an efficient and cost effective manner to bring it to market. Our services include:

  • R&D documentation per recognized industry standards
  • Proof of concept demonstration and Design of Experiments
  • Prototype development 
  • Qualification & Testing
  • Failure analysis and Investigation

Please contact us to execute NDA/Confidentiality agreements prior to scheduling a meeting to discuss your project goals