What is FiberSafe™ ?

FiberSafe™ is a patent pending technology platform that holistically address the inherent drawbacks of existing subsea fiber optic systems. The technology platform provides robust and inherently reliable end-to-end harsh environment fiber optic communication network architecture that is CAPEX friendly with affordable subsea fiber optic hardware.

What are the inherent drawbacks of existing systems?

Harsh environment cables such as submarine/ telecom cables that evolved since late 20th century have demonstrated exceptional reliability primarily due to the fact that optical fibers are maintained within layers of protection. But, existing industry solutions for harsh environment fiber optic system involves elimination of the cable protective layers with optical fiber break-out, complicated feed-through and harsh environment loading (including differential pressure loading) of fragile optical fibers. Additionally, the submarine cable interfacing equipment are non-pressure balanced with blind seals that are not truly testable prior to deployment. From a commercial standpoint, existing industry solutions are a) bulky with larger footprint b) carry non-value adding hardware component supply chain c) expensive overall system cost

FiberSafe™ - Core Technology

FiberSafe™ technology is based on a simple premise that optical fibers shall be protectively maintained, similar to within a harsh environment cable, such as submarine/ telecom cable, from source (such as topsides) to end-instrument (such as subsea equipment) without being exposed to harsh environment. 

Optical fibers in the entire network are protected from the effects of harsh environment, by hermetic tubes, protective storage, hermetic manifold, and hermetic fiber connector contact tube string in a gel filled non-pressurized environment. Furthermore, the above stated optical fiber protecting boundaries are isolated from seawater by sealed housings containing pressure balancing benign fluid.

This technology is applicable to any harsh environment i.e., subsea application, land based oil and gas application (shale), harsh terrestrial, space and aerospace.

This novel approach and its building blocks enables configurable, application suited affordable solutions instead of cost-prohibitive status-quo exposed fiber systems.

See FiberSafe™ features below for further details.

FiberSafe™ Hardware

Built up on the foundation of FiberSafe™ technology platform, the following subsea fiber optic system hardware are under offering:

  • Cable system structure with FiberSafe™ technology (plug and play-deployable turnkey package) 
  • FiberSafe™ Termination
  • FiberSafe™ Dry Mate Connector 
  • FiberSafe™ Wet Mate Connector
  • FiberSafe™ Flying Lead (cable and non-cable options)
  • FiberSafe™ Penetration system


Affordable subsea fiber optic system has arrived!

We are excited to bring this new technology to market that will benefit spectrum of applications and end users.

Previously unviable projects either due to technology gaps resulting from exposed optical fibers or CAPEX are going to be viable with FiberSafe™! 

Contact us contact@oei2.com to review your application, or to request FiberSafe™ Hardware or System commercial datasheets.

FiberSafe™ Features

Protected Optical Fibers

Optical fibers are maintained in a multi-layer gel filled protective environment in a stress-free state isolated from seawater, chemicals, hydrogen and other gases under all circumstances.

Truly pressure balanced system

All FiberSafe™ hardware are truly pressure balanced equipment, thereby eliminating the detrimental effects of differential pressure applied over the fiber optic system.

On-site seal test pre-deployment

All seals in the FiberSafe™ system hardware, including field assembled termination seals interfacing submarine cable, are fully testable to verify integrity of the assembly prior to susbea deployment. On-site seal test options include gas testing, hydraulic testing.

Protected Electro-Optic variant

FiberSafe™ technology principles are applicable to submarine cables with electrical condcutor and optical fibers. Electrical condcutor, electronics/opto-electornics and optical fibers are protectively maintained stress-free in a multi-layer gel filled environment. 

Smaller Footprint

FiberSafe™ configurbale building blocks and the core technology enables smaller footprint hardware design and installation friendly overall system architecture. 


FiberSafe™ system configurable for 

  • primary coordinate space parameters involving a)subsea conditions b) seals & materials c) joining methods
  • secondary coordinate space parameters involving circuit density and hardware specific packaging integration

Configuration flexibility enables packaging possibilities and cost-efficiency with rightly-engineered system that are affordable and CAPEX friendly. 

FiberSafe™ in the news

Ocean News & Technology Magazine - March 2018 - Product Spotlight

FiberSafe™ was featured as product spotlight in March 2018 editorial of industry rewnowned Ocean News & Technology Magazine ON&T.